Citisales & Leasing

An impressive 53 years of invaluable expertise in the real estate industry.

Position yourself for success with the support, resources, and reputation of our real estate licensing company. 

About our Company

C&L was commenced in February 1988 by George Sparsis, LREA, LBA, Auctioneer.

The Business Names of Citisales & Leasing,,,, are all owned by George Sparsis, and have been for over 30 years. The Licensed Parent Company (LICENSOR) for a nominal yearly fee, accordingly, will maintain the Licensing operations to each individual that chooses to work under our Licensing arrangements.

Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) is a property services broking network for all industry professionals such as Real Estate Brokers, Buyers Agents, Business Brokers, Property & Strata Management and TRADES professionals as we look to build a National Networking operation. 

As a START-UP concept, we’re now using the brand towards Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) the name. The Company will provide a business model for real estate agents, property professionals and related industries.
                                      Its a “Business Within a Business” concept.

Your research will show that there are several similar related concepts in the market, so its a proven model for you to further enhance your earnings capabilities.

                                     You’ll never be out of WORK if you WANT to work.

This, therefore, allows someone to commence with the online service of and the opportunity to progress with their GRADE #1 License in Real Estate & Business Sales and to develop a $250,000 PLUS per annum income if you “want” to work. The ability to earn this income and beyond is through the willingness of the individual to do the hard yards, as we all know.

                                      WE ARE NOT GUARANTEEING YOUR INCOME.

However, we are offering you the opportunity to work to further enhance YOUR STRENGTHS as Broker, and the possibility that we may also consider you as a future shareholder (within five (5) years) from the commencement of your working association with Citisales & Leasing under the brand authorized by Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) to the individual PROVIDED THAT all terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties prior to commencement, and SPECIAL CONDITIONS have been met by the individual, as we want to build the Business with a strong devoted team. Terms to be discussed.

Your earnings capabilities will increase dramatically when you are free to work to your strengths each day, therefore; 

                                                    YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE

We are confident that everyone that joins Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) will earn a high income PROVIDED THAT they maintain the work ethic and policies of the Company, which are designed to maintain a strong LISTING AGENDA and for their work to be carried out according industry norms and through Company policies, and in a proper, professional and ethical manner at all times.