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Elevate Your Real Estate Journey with Our Sales and Leasing Solutions Real Estate Sales, Leasing, Business Brokers, Buyers Agent, more.

Welcome to Citisales & Leasing. C&L is a long and established name in Sydney real estate. Established 1988. We are now wanting to provide all aspiring real estate (Part or Full Time) Professionals with the opportunity to work under our esteemed brand name and unlock your truest potential. Only a TEAM PLAYER will succeed in this competative yet lucrative environment. With our comprehensive licensing programs and unwavering support, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired goals if you want to excel in the World of Real Estate Sales & Leasing, Business Sales, Project Marketing, Strata & Property Management and much more as we develop our National Networking operations. 

This is for Grade #1 Licensees to participate from the incipient concept and be part of the growth of our 

Business Within a Business model.

Our objective is to have you working in a “have-fun-hassle-free-earn-more” environment whilst we take care of the “backend-admin work” to keep you highly proactive and productive through excellent Time Management principles to allow you to do best in listing and selling properties. 

And you will never walk alone!

No others are offering this opportunity, because we recognise the enormous scope that each person can and will bring to the future success of our Business.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Established Brand Reputation

Joining Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) allows you to leverage the power of a well-established and respected brand in the real estate industry. Clients recognize the brand and trust its reputation, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Exclusive Listings and Opportunities

As a part of Citisales & Leasing (Licensing), you will gain access to a wide range of listings and lucrative opportunities that might not be available to independent agents. This gives you a distinct advantage in securing valuable properties and attracting potential clients.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) is committed to your success and we will provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support. From practical training to workshops and seminars, you'll have access to resources and knowledge that will enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends. You will succeed by your commitment.

Mentorship and Guidance

The experienced professionals at Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) will serve as mentors and guides throughout your real estate journey. We will provide personalized support, share their expertise, and help you navigate challenges, ensuring you have the necessary guidance to succeed.

Marketing and Branding Assistance

Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) understands the importance of effective marketing and branding. By working under their brand, you gain access to marketing tools, strategies, and resources that will help you establish your personal brand and attract potential clients.

Collaborative Network

Joining Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) will connect you with a National Network of like-minded professionals, as we enhance and grow the Business together. You can benefit from the collective knowledge, experience, and support of a diverse community, fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for growth and professional development.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

Handling administrative tasks can be time-consuming and detract from your core focus of serving clients. Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) will provide efficient administrative support, allowing you to devote more time to building relationships, closing deals, and growing your "Business Within a Business"model. That's our core Business model to make you far more productive, by allowing you to do the important things of Listing, Selling, Leasing.

Enhanced Credibility

Working under a known real estate company like Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) will add instant credibility to your profile. Clients are more likely to trust and choose an agent associated with a known, active and reputable brand, giving you an advantage in building client relationships and closing successful transactions. Its the "strengths in numbers" principle at work here!

Networking and Referral Opportunities

Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) offers ample networking opportunities with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners. These connections can and will lead to valuable referrals, expanding your client base and increasing your chances of closing deals, as we develop our National Network.

Continuous Growth and Advancement

Citisales & Leasing (Licensing) is committed to a long-term success. We will offer ongoing training, professional development programs, and advancement opportunities, allowing you to continually grow, learn, and achieve your career goals in the real estate industry. Our mantra will be on the growth of the Business with you as a part of the team. Its crucial in any Business to recognise its success on its team and to be challenged within for growth and developing from the many opportunities that we will come across each day.